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DS Business Support Services provides Executive PA / Virtual PA Assistance and Back Office Admin solutions to small to medium-sized businesses.

So how can I assist your business? 

Have you got an endless To-do list?  Finding it hard to get through all the day-to-day admin tasks? Need someone to cover a current employees holiday / sick leave but do not want the hassle of using an agency.

Well that is where I can help. I can take all those tasks away from you allowing you to do what you do best…

There are many benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant;

  • I can provide ad-hoc flexible solutions tailored to your business
  • Provide a range of flexible payment plans from hourly to package rates
  • Experienced in Business Administrative management and best of all I love it

and none of the hassle of the costs associated to a full-time employee:

  • No fixed permanent monthly Salary
  • No office space, equipment required
  • No NI, Statutory holiday or Sick Pay contributions
  • No agency fees

If you wish to find out more or would like to arrange a free 1 hour consultation, please….

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